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Our products enable games studios, VR creators, robot engineers, and platform developers to breathe humanity into their creations –

and to help protect game communities, social platforms and chatrooms so that people can enjoy exploring online experiences without the fear of abuse.

Unleash the power of character in your games - create deeper, more believable experiences.

Build characters who will improvise based on your narrative requirements and the player’s input. Create distinctive personalities who will show emotion and respond dynamically to the player – yet still hit the key beats of your story.

Safeguard and protect your digital spaces and online communities.

Our objective is to help make in-game player communities, chatrooms and any online social platform safer and more hospitable environments. Ally allows people of any age, gender or race to set their own “safe zone” parameters and feel secure.

Dan Pearson

Often, game AI is a collection of rules of thumb and loose heuristics, simultaneously cheating to emulate human behaviour and hamstringing itself to negate some of its natural advantages.

Spirit AI wants to create something different.

We’ve added humanity to the development process too.

All our products are designed to be easy to use and to integrate smoothly into your workflow, whatever technology you’re using. We can also adjust our pricing models to suit the size and shape of your company.