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Make online experiences more inclusive, enjoyable and engaging

Ally is the Machine Learning tool that allows the game developer to gain precious and valuable insights into their communities. Using the power of AI and Natural Language Processing, community managers and moderators can punish abusive aggressors and identify social heroes in real-time using a tool designed with scalability and personalisation in mind


We process every message and interaction using Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and AI. This enhances the reach of the moderators by automating the detection, evaluation and response to problems with in your community. 

Primarily a subscription SaaS product which plugs into the customer’s existing community solution. We also offer the services to do a bespoke integration of our ML and AI Engine into your existing moderation systems.

The problems most companies face is that they cannot build a safe, cooperative community because they have millions of customers but only a handful of moderators. This makes it impossible for moderators to monitor every interaction.

The key components that power

Automated intervention

Swift intervention via a webhook that triggers muting, rule reminders or suspension, is instigated. The most serious abuse is highlighted immediately to your community safeguarding team.

Unique mix of AI & Machine Learning

Natural Language understanding, classification & processing are all working together – and when combined with Machine Learning – the actionable insights gleaned are incredibly precise and powerful.

Longer-term predictive analysis

Ally predicts likely toxicity by learning from toxic users’ conversational patterns and behaviours. It quickly flags when chat is heading down a toxic path and enables intervention before bad things happen. 

Customizable, contextual & adaptive

Detection algorithms are fully customizable to the context of your community norms, ensuring when individuals are highlighted for action, it is always for valid reasons.

Real-time, 360 customer intelligence

Don’t let a vocal minority be the whole story. Ally provides full analysis of your whole community and represents what everyone is feeling. It’s not just the bad actors that are highlighted – it’s also the positive influencers that make your community an attractive and pleasant place to be.

Easy-to-use, adaptable & secure

Quick to get started, just send your data to our API. Ally can be used independently or on top of your existing toolset and, as it resides behind your firewall, your data is protected.