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Spirit AI on Online Bullying in Games – BBC World News

BBC World News
May 31, 2017

Truly intelligent enemies could change the face of gaming

May 26, 2017

An AI Ally to Combat Bullying in Virtual Worlds

MIT Technology Review
May 16, 2017

Spirit AI wants to be your Ally on the fly, a player-centric bot for online gaming abuse

The Sociable
May 16, 2017

Spirit AI and the promise of automated content moderation

March 13, 2017

The Friendly Ghost in the Machine
February 24, 2017

Second Place in the Women Startup Challenge VR and AI

February 21, 2017

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We breathe life into digital interactions using the transformative power of artificial intelligence.

Our innovative middleware enables digital beings to interact with people in a natural and human-like way. We harness the latest research and sophisticated natural language classification to bring digital spirit to chatbots and digital characters. Endowed with persistent personalities and non-persistent emotions, digital beings interact based on knowledge models, social models and dialogue engines.

With our tools, you can create compellingly-human characters in games and stories. We also protect online communities through sophisticated triage and analysis of player or user interactions in real time.

Our purpose:

We empower technology users and developers by:

  • Enabling beautifully-engineered digital interactions that feel natural and compelling.
  • Unleashing the potential of AI so that developers can create the stories and experiences they’ve always wanted to create.
  • Allowing developers to nurture their community, empowering players and users to define what safe means to them.

Fast facts

  • Based in London with our team working primarily across the UK, New York and San Francisco
  • Incorporated in the UK, and shortly to incorporate in the US early 2017
  • Trademarks on key names and Patents pending in the UK and US
  • Significant ecosystem of suppliers and partners
  • String of Beta partner game studios working with us since mid 2016
  • Alpha launch of products due for mid 2017