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DevOps Engineer

As the DevOps Engineer, you will be working within the Ally engineering team both managing services and developing core functionalityThe DevOps Engineer role is responsible for ensuring live services are running as planned, developing tools/dashboards to assist with the running of these live services, and developing new areas of the solution as the product grows and adapts to client requirements, defect fixing etc. You should be an effective team player and should be able to work as part of a diverse companyYou should have a good understanding of the SLAs with clients and you should be able to prioritise tasks to ensure the best service possible is provided. 

Senior Engineer – Front End design & development

London, UK

As Senior Engineer, you will be working within the Ally team. The Senior Frontend Engineer role is responsible for both the design and the development of the UI, front/back end integration, data visualisation, analysis and documentation, defect fixing, presenting work to clients etc. You should be an effective communicator and should be able to work as part of a diverse team as well as independently. Since you’ll touch different areas of the code, you should be aware of the larger context of the solution. You should be able to understand the business value of your work and should be able to prioritise tasks for maximum impact.

Data Science Engineer

We’re seeking an experienced data science engineer with an interest in putting data science models in production as well as in building big data pipelines.  You’re ideally someone interested in both data science concerns and data engineering at scale, with ability to talk across disciplines and help multiple teams with setting up and monitoring/testing data intensive applications.  In general, you would help by partnering with internal stakeholders to develop tooling related to streaming data, putting NLP deep learning and other models in production, defining and deploying APIs, and providing leadership in data product software engineering best-practices. You’re probably more interested in data engineering and pipelines than you are in day-in, day-out model tweaking.

We are actively growing our engineering base. If you want to apply speculatively then please email us your CV and a brief note about your interests in this area.